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More Motorcycle Stuff

I’m having a really hard time finding stuff for my motorcycle, let alone stuff for women. All the accessories seem to be skulls and crosses….which are so not my thing.

If i google ‘women riders’, it usually brings back all kinds of pictures of half-naked girls draped over bikes. Or scantily clad girls riding bikes, which is so dangerous. But, not much information or products for women riders.

But, I just found a great website, not even sure how I found it. I think it was through a link on a motorcycle facebook group where I asked about women friendly items for my bike, aka no skulls!! So, I’m going to document some links here so that I don’t lose them.

In this article, it talks about how to pack for a long trip as a woman and took a few things into consideration that a man wouldn’t think of. And now i’m moving onto a link that was there about tips for women motorcyclists. Why couldn’t I find this article when I was actually looking for one before getting my bike?

And I’m finding all kinds of links to all kinds of forums. I didn’t know forums still existed. I thought it was facebook and reddit as my only options. NOT!

Here is a link for women just starting out riding or thinking about it. Great blog!

shopping for women riders!!:


List of vendors to check out:

Motorcycle packing tips:

How to fold your chaps:

Bad Ass Grandma

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I think my new motto is going to be ‘Bad Ass Grandma’ aka ‘B.A.G.’

I found it on a website that was recommended to me from another lady biker for women’s accessories. They have t-shirts and patches and other things that say ‘OLD B.A.G.’ I’m going to drop the old part and just ‘Bad Ass Grandma’.

Why? Cause I think I’m Bad Ass and I’m a Grandma J

This morning I did some interval run/walking for 3 miles, training for a 5k I’m running on Saturday, after flying to the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The race is in Rehobeth Beach, DE. My sisters will be picking me up from the airport and my brother-in-law will be running with me. Then, after the run, I jumped on my motorcycle and rode to work.

There is actually a lot of bad ass things that I do…..clergy work, leading groups, multiple relationships, sex positive life…..

I think I’m going to put this patch on my vest to remind me that I’m a tough gal, so that when people say I’m ‘intimidating’ or ‘too visible’ or don’t seem to believe that I’m a leader……I’ll just look at my patch and dust it off.


Confidence is Sexy

I’ve heard this a couple of times now….’Confidence is sexy’ …and I must say that I know it works for me.

I had a boyfriend in highschool and I used to tease him, telling him that he was arrogant. He’d reply, ‘I’m not arrogant, but I am confident’. And damn if it didn’t work. I really had the hots for him. As a matter of fact, the guys that i’ve fallen for, have all been confident men. Hell, for all i know they are faking it, but damn if they aren’t doing a good job. And it totally turns me on.

So, what about in women? I think it’s harder for us to be confident in ourselves. Many of us had crappy childhoods or were told we couldn’t achieve what we wanted to achieve. Many of us were held back from our greatest potential. Not all of us. I know that. And some us succeeded despite the fact we had crappy childhoods.

i want to be confident and believe that people do find it sexy. Confident, not arrogant.

But, how do you become confident when your whole childhood you were pushed down and definitely not lifted up during a marriage. My parents actually told me that I had no business trying to be better then them when I told them I wanted to go to college. They actually teased me about getting good grades, saying I was trying to be a goody two shoes, a show off. But, i kept at it, trying to prove that I was a good person. I had help from my 6th grade math teacher, who was a drinking buddy of my dads, to get in the gifted program at school. My parents had a fit. Most parents want their children to succeed….mine did not. As a matter of fact, when it came time to go to college, they absolutely refused to fill out the paperwork they needed to fill out for me to go. If i wanted student loans, the colleges needed their financial statement. They wouldn’t give it. I wasn’t able to go to college until I had had 2 kids.

When I graduated college, I invited them out for the graduation. They did nothing but complain the whole time they were out here. I was so glad when they left.

And this is just a small piece of what happened. I won’t even go into the other horrendous things I experienced.

It’s hard to be a confident person after stuff like that. But, have moments when I remember that I survived my childhood and the fact that my mother told me to my face that I was unwanted and she blamed me (getting pregnant with me) for ruining her life. It’s hard after being married to a drug addict that said I was a sick person for having the interest that I have in bdsm and power exchange. I had to take care of the family because he couldn’t hold a job. Then, the time on my healing path. Holy cow. That was a super rough time. all these things can make a person a basket case. How do you become a confident person after experiences like this?

But, it’s possible. It’s hard for some of us. But, it’s possible. I’ve done it. I have moments where I’ve lost all confidence in myself, but then I remember what I pulled myself through. I survived my childhood, with a sense of self and right vs. wrong. I survived having 2 children at a young age and a addict for a husband for 14 years. I survived working on my healing path. I survived depression, even though I still have moments. I’ve survived some very intense times of ptsd and flashbacks.

Confidence. It’s not always easy. And sometimes I have to fake it till I make it. But, when it happens, it makes me feel so good. I’m drawn to it in others….and it’s awesome when I’m drawn to it in myself, as well. I just have to remember how good it feels.


Weight Loss & Running

My weight is stalled once again.

How frustrating. It tends to stall at this exact weight each time. So, I take a day off my way of eating and try to shock my body into losing weight. It used to work. It doesn’t now. Instead, I gain back a couple of pounds and then have to work to get back down to the plateau weight and get stuck here again.

I’m even training to run/walk a 5k next week, and nothing. It’s stuck. It’s like my body is holding onto this number and won’t let go. Stop it! It’s ok. We aren’t going to starve if I lose 3 more pounds. I promise.

I’ve got such cute clothes that I bought right before the belt lipectomy surgery (lower body lift) and now that I’ve I’ve gained 20 pounds since the surgery, they don’t fit!

And the 20 pounds I gained back…isn’t in the belly where they chopped off the extra skin. No. It’s in the thighs and the upper arms and that spare tire that is right above the sculpted area. I’m not liking it at all. It means that I can’t get pants up over my thighs. And the ones I can get up over my thighs are too big for my waist and ass and want to fall down. My shirts won’t fit over my upper arms and the ones that do, fall off my shoulders. It’s a very sloppy look that I’m not liking at all. 20 to 30 pounds off would solve the clothing issue.

It will also help with my running time. Think about yourself running … add a 30 pound backpack to your back and try again. Or better yet, add 7 pounds to each leg and each arm. It’s hard. ….Well, running is hard to begin with. But, that 30 pounds needs to go. Plus, it will keep me from wearing out my joints too fast. I’ve only got so much time to accomplish the things I want to accomplish before they give out anyway.

Why run? I should write that at another time…..but quick and sweet…..because I was never a runner and it’s something I want to be, even for a little while before my time is up. I like goals. I like trying new things. I like accomplishing things. This is just another of those accomplishments.

I’m going to try and to a fat fast I think to get my weight moving. We’ll see.

If it would stop raining, I’d get more miles in. That would work too.

Upgrading the Motorcycle

I found a motorcycle yesterday that really spoke to me as my forever bike. But, I just bought one and it would be a pain in the butt to buy that one and then try to sell mine. I still have the Honda in the shed that I sold, but haven’t completed the transaction on yet.

This bike is purple and a girl owns it and it has so much stuff on it!! Gel seat, pullback risers on the handlebars, hard saddlebags, Led lights, luggage rack, crash bars and it’s been lowered. The problem is, it has 47k miles on it. My bike that I only bought 2 months ago, only has 7.5k miles on it. 1.5 that I’ve put on myself.

Now I have to figure out how to get the money I need to deck my bike out like that. This temp job I’m working is almost over with and I don’t have any prospects for my next one. I really, really want crash bars for the bike if nothing else.

Mine has a new paint job already, so I doubt I’ll ever get to paint it purple. At least anytime soon.  But, I absolutely need crash bars soon. Since, I dropped the bike over the weekend, I really want the crash bars. They run around $250 if not more.

After crash bars, I’m wanting pullback risers on my handlebars. That’s so that they sit closer to me and lift them up a little higher. That will keep the stress off my lower back.

Then, I have to decide between gel seat ($450), led lights (turn signal, headlight, tail light) and led strip lights (to run around the bike for better visibility at night)…….the luggage rack and hard saddle bags can wait.

Oh….and a teddy bear, or UNICORN….why did I not think of a unicorn?

Time to get started. I think I can put on the crash bar myself and will have to ask for help with the pullback risers in case the wires and such need to be moved as well.

I’ll get this figured out.