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So today i was at a great event….and some people i’ve worked with on my Qadishti path were there. i got to talk to them about the next step on my path.

Two of the people i talked to are involved with POTQ1 and i was talking to them about bringing it back to Columbus. Maybe i didn’t ask the question right, because i don’t think they really understood what i was asking….but the conversation is started. i’ll detail it out in text or emails later.

Another person i confided in about my interest in moving forward said he was surprised that i waited this long. i told him that i had always wanted to do this with my partner, but he’s on another path. But, i think i’d be good at this and wanted to dive in and really embrace this path again. That i thought i’d be good at it …that i wanted to embrace it with more passion and even get into the deep, dark parts of the path….and he said with no hesitation that he absolutely agreed. Wow. That really boosted my energy towards this…. To have an outside person, someone that i really consider a friend, think that i’d be really good at this. i’m pretty sure i used to be….and over the years i still teach energy and tantra and such….but to really dive into it. His eyes even lit up at the idea.

And the research i was doing over the last couple of days….it fired up my interested again as well. i got that excited feeling of learning something new. i love that feeling. That’s what’s been missing.