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So, there are 3 goals that i can think of at the moment with my Qadishtu path

  1. ‘Be’ Qadishtu. What this means is that i start living by the standards i set for myself for being a Qadishtu. i’m in the process of writing these guidelines and codes of coduct. These are guidelines that i’ll also share with the students of POTQ1 and POTQ2.
  2. Workshops/Teachings expressing Qadishtu thoughts. This is everything from workshops on Qadishti BDSM, sacred sexuality, energy work, how to be an empowered wild woman, self-pleasuring rituals, POTQ2, sacred touch, reiki, etc etc.
  3. Ritual. Ritual is very important to me. Whether it is energetic cleansing rituals when i take a shower in the morning, self-pleasuring rituals, Sabbat and Esbat rituals, rituals before meditation…all of it is very important to me and i need to start giving it focus again.

i’m actually really looking forward to this. i love the idea of having a focus. i just need to make sure that it doesn’t interfere with my power exchange. i very much consider my Leather slavehood as part of my spiritual path as well.

Now, i just have to figure out what it means to me to ‘Be Qadishtu’. There are some that use this label that have a different opinion on what that means than i do. Being ethical is at the top of the list. Hugging someone today that i saw crying, that i usually don’t get along with. That was a Qadishtu moment. Compassion to ease someone’s suffering. Actually, that was a Buddhist flavored Qadishtu moment. But, i think Qadishtu should be Buddhist flavored anyway. Teaching women and men to be ok with their sensuality and sexuality. Building a connection with others through sacred sexuality and sexual connection.

That is just rambling, but i’m sure it’s going to go on my guidelines that i’m building for myself.