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Weight Loss & Running

My weight is stalled once again.

How frustrating. It tends to stall at this exact weight each time. So, I take a day off my way of eating and try to shock my body into losing weight. It used to work. It doesn’t now. Instead, I gain back a couple of pounds and then have to work to get back down to the plateau weight and get stuck here again.

I’m even training to run/walk a 5k next week, and nothing. It’s stuck. It’s like my body is holding onto this number and won’t let go. Stop it! It’s ok. We aren’t going to starve if I lose 3 more pounds. I promise.

I’ve got such cute clothes that I bought right before the belt lipectomy surgery (lower body lift) and now that I’ve I’ve gained 20 pounds since the surgery, they don’t fit!

And the 20 pounds I gained back…isn’t in the belly where they chopped off the extra skin. No. It’s in the thighs and the upper arms and that spare tire that is right above the sculpted area. I’m not liking it at all. It means that I can’t get pants up over my thighs. And the ones I can get up over my thighs are too big for my waist and ass and want to fall down. My shirts won’t fit over my upper arms and the ones that do, fall off my shoulders. It’s a very sloppy look that I’m not liking at all. 20 to 30 pounds off would solve the clothing issue.

It will also help with my running time. Think about yourself running … add a 30 pound backpack to your back and try again. Or better yet, add 7 pounds to each leg and each arm. It’s hard. ….Well, running is hard to begin with. But, that 30 pounds needs to go. Plus, it will keep me from wearing out my joints too fast. I’ve only got so much time to accomplish the things I want to accomplish before they give out anyway.

Why run? I should write that at another time…..but quick and sweet…..because I was never a runner and it’s something I want to be, even for a little while before my time is up. I like goals. I like trying new things. I like accomplishing things. This is just another of those accomplishments.

I’m going to try and to a fat fast I think to get my weight moving. We’ll see.

If it would stop raining, I’d get more miles in. That would work too.

Food as fuel

I am not a foodie. I’m a food addict, but not a foodie.

I love food, and don’t know when to stop eating. If I could eat gluten, there is no way I would have lost the 80 pounds I’ve lost. I was only able to lose this weight once I became gluten intolerant. I used to hide Tasty Kakes and Little Debbie snacks in my trunk so that whomever I was married to at the time wouldn’t know how many of them I was actually eating. I don’t need fancy, fru fru types of desserts. I want sugary, fatty, full of flavor, very bad for you cakes.

OK, I need to pull back from that or just the ideas of the foods that I can’t have will cause me to gain weight. Think I’m kidding? I bet you if someone did a study on how smells effect our insulin, they would find that smells trigger the brain to release insulin to prepare for the ingestion of so much sugar and fat into our bodies. If we are smelling it, we must be about ready to eat it. I need to keep that in mind because I ask to smell the foods that I can’t have all the time. If a complete stranger is sitting nest to me at a dinner table, I will ask to smell their bread or dessert when it comes out. So far, no one has refused me. I just make sure not to stick my nose in it.

So, I need to remember that food is fuel. I should be eating to fuel my body, maybe with a couple of treats thrown in every now and then. Why should I do this? Because when I eat carbs, especially sugar, my brain fogs. I feel sluggish and have no interest in doing much of anything. It effects me physically and mentally. But, when I eat high fat, medium protein and low/no carb, I get a major boost in energy and get so much accomplished. I need to remember this.

Food is fuel.

And I need to stop feeling punished because ice-cream, pie, cake, pizza, bread are foods that I shouldn’t be eating. Hell, for cheat day I’m already planning how much of that stuff I can get away with eating. AND I’m going back home in a couple of weeks… involves boardwalk foods. I can guarantee that it will be Thrasher’s french fries, Birch Beer and Dumpser’s Ice-cream. Rewards. Not.

Actually, since I’m training for that 5k that weekend, I need to remember not to eat that stuff.

Food is fuel.