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The Liar in Our Head

I read a book over the weekend and something in it struck me….


The voice in our head can be a liar, and usually is. And all of us have this lying voice in our head. So, even though we present something as ‘truth’, it can still be a lie even though the voice in our head is adamant that it’s ‘truth’.

Let’s’ see if I can explain this in a way that will make sense to me later.

I’ll start with some quotes from the book.

“The voice in your head isn’t even real, but it’s ruling your life, and it’s a tyrant.”

“Don’t believe yourself mainly when you are using the voice against yourself. The voice can make you afraid to be alive, to express who you really are. It can stop you from doing what you really want to do with your life.”

“Don’t believe others. If you lie to yourself it stands to reason they are lieing to themselves and if they aren’t aware, they believe themselves. “

“Don’t believe anyone else. But this doesn’t mean closing your mind or your heart. Listen to other people tell their story. You know that it’s just a story, and that it’s only true for them.”

Basically what he is talking about is that we are not born with a voice in our head. The voice is developed as we learn language and start listening to what others have to say and believe it as truth. We internalized it and the voice of lies is created. If we are unaware, then the lies rule us. It’s by doing the work to become aware that helps us shut down the voice.

The voice, more often than not, is lies. Yet, if we aren’t aware, we believe the voice to be truth. When it tells us we are too this or too that, or not enough this, or not enough that, we believe it. It’s a lie. Yet we believe it. It tells us we aren’t worthy. It’s a lie.

And if our voice is telling us lies, and everyone has this voice, then it stands to reason that their voice is telling them lies that they believe are truth as well. Once we understand this, we lose the desire to defend our beliefs. We have our story and they have their story.

For example, I spoke with someone over the weekend. She is a practitioner of witchcraft, an ordeal facilitator and works with people that I highly respect in the woo world. I sat in her class and listened to how she does ordeal ritual. It didn’t match how I do it or believe it should be done. Doesn’t match at all and actually felt judgmental of how I do it. Even though I’ve never told her any details of my rituals. Well, instead of raising my hand and defending how I do things, I just listened to her. I believe what I believe. She believes what she believes. Either could be a lie, but for each of us, it’s our truth and works for us.

I can listen to her and maybe find something I can use. It doesn’t mean I have to listen to the liar in my head that started to speak up that maybe she is more right because of who she works with. My truth is my truth and is valid. Her truth is her truth and I don’t need to change her mind about anything.

When the voice tells me that I’m not worthy or that I’m filled with darkness and that’s why I don’t let people get close to me or that of course my partner is dating someone else, why would he want to be with me and it lists the reasons……remember that it’s a liar. Become aware of yourself so that you can realize how much of a liar it is.

Learn to meditate to slow the mind down so that you can catch the stories that the liar is telling us. A peaceful mind is a wonderful thing.

Does that make sense?

Another thing I learned from this book…..”We can perceive truth with our feelings, but as soon as we try to describe it with words, we distort it, and it’s no longer the truth. It’s our story! It’s a projection based on reality that is only true for us, but still we try to put our experience into words, and this is something wonderful, really. It’s the greatest art form of every human.”


The book = The Voice of Knowledge by Don Miguel Ruiz