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There are moments when I feel like a bad ass….

And those moments are when i’m on my motorcycle.

It was about 63 and sunny today, so i rode her over to my office, which is only a couple miles away. But, it was so awesome. 2 construction guys pulled up next to me in their truck and just smiled and gave me a thumbs up. i would have love to jump their bones. Oh wait, did i say that? Eh, it’s ok. i’m poly.

i’m not sure what it is about the bike but riding her makes me feel like i can do anything. Maybe because it’s one of the hardest things i’ve every attempted to learn and it takes physical skill, which i don’t have a lot of. Or maybe it’s being out there with the guys. There aren’t a lot of women riders. They are usually on the back seat of a guys bike.

Another time of feeling bad ass is when i’m involved in a health and wellness challenge and i’m kicking butt, which i’m doing right now. Though i’m only 3 days into the challenge. But, just writing this blog is points towards having a perfect day on our challenge.

And, i’m not sure if the word is ‘bad ass’, but when i’m clergy….yeah, leading rehearsals and officiating weddings….or during ritual, or funerals or baby blessings…..all of it. Maybe the word is ’empowered’ or ‘authentic’. And especially if i can do the ritual as a Qadishti Priestess. Empowered, Bad Ass….the same thing?

More Motorcycle Stuff

I’m having a really hard time finding stuff for my motorcycle, let alone stuff for women. All the accessories seem to be skulls and crosses….which are so not my thing.

If i google ‘women riders’, it usually brings back all kinds of pictures of half-naked girls draped over bikes. Or scantily clad girls riding bikes, which is so dangerous. But, not much information or products for women riders.

But, I just found a great website, not even sure how I found it. I think it was through a link on a motorcycle facebook group where I asked about women friendly items for my bike, aka no skulls!! So, I’m going to document some links here so that I don’t lose them.

In this article, it talks about how to pack for a long trip as a woman and took a few things into consideration that a man wouldn’t think of. And now i’m moving onto a link that was there about tips for women motorcyclists. Why couldn’t I find this article when I was actually looking for one before getting my bike?

And I’m finding all kinds of links to all kinds of forums. I didn’t know forums still existed. I thought it was facebook and reddit as my only options. NOT!

Here is a link for women just starting out riding or thinking about it. Great blog!

shopping for women riders!!:


List of vendors to check out:

Motorcycle packing tips:

How to fold your chaps:

Upgrading the Motorcycle

I found a motorcycle yesterday that really spoke to me as my forever bike. But, I just bought one and it would be a pain in the butt to buy that one and then try to sell mine. I still have the Honda in the shed that I sold, but haven’t completed the transaction on yet.

This bike is purple and a girl owns it and it has so much stuff on it!! Gel seat, pullback risers on the handlebars, hard saddlebags, Led lights, luggage rack, crash bars and it’s been lowered. The problem is, it has 47k miles on it. My bike that I only bought 2 months ago, only has 7.5k miles on it. 1.5 that I’ve put on myself.

Now I have to figure out how to get the money I need to deck my bike out like that. This temp job I’m working is almost over with and I don’t have any prospects for my next one. I really, really want crash bars for the bike if nothing else.

Mine has a new paint job already, so I doubt I’ll ever get to paint it purple. At least anytime soon.  But, I absolutely need crash bars soon. Since, I dropped the bike over the weekend, I really want the crash bars. They run around $250 if not more.

After crash bars, I’m wanting pullback risers on my handlebars. That’s so that they sit closer to me and lift them up a little higher. That will keep the stress off my lower back.

Then, I have to decide between gel seat ($450), led lights (turn signal, headlight, tail light) and led strip lights (to run around the bike for better visibility at night)…….the luggage rack and hard saddle bags can wait.

Oh….and a teddy bear, or UNICORN….why did I not think of a unicorn?

Time to get started. I think I can put on the crash bar myself and will have to ask for help with the pullback risers in case the wires and such need to be moved as well.

I’ll get this figured out.

Scary morning on the bike


What a scary morning….Dan (my husband) left on his bike this morning (the first sunny day in days), jumping on 270 N to go to work. i jumped on my bike and though it’s faster, I won’t do 270 especially during rush hour traffic. As I start to take the road that runs right beside 270, I see that traffic going north has stopped. My guess is that there has been an accident. The images that go through my head are horrible and I have to talk to myself to get them to vanish.

Each time I stop at a red light I wonder if I have time to text Dan, asking him to text me when he gets to work so that I know he’s ok. ……the whole time driving next to the highway, seeing stopped traffic, i wonder what i’m going to see when I get to the accident sight. …..heart in my throat. But, having to keep an eye on the traffic around me that is doing the same thing (rubbernecking) and probably not watching out for me.

As i cross the bridge going over 270 i can tell that it’s something major, but most of my view is cut off by the bridge. i can’t see, but it looks like it’s the southbound lane where it’s happened, not the northbound which is where Dan would have been riding. But i can’t be sure since both sides are stopped.

i get to work and right away text him to text back. It takes a few minutes…of me trying not to think horrible thoughts…..when he finally texts back. It was probably only a few minutes, but it felt like forever. Relief floods over me as I see his message that he made it to work ok.

How scary!

I just checked the news a few minutes ago and it did involve a motorcycle and it was fatal. Thank goodness it wasn’t Dan….but oh how horrible for the family of the person involved. They were probobably on their way to work….their family not knowing it’s the last time they will see them.  and the person that hit them. And the people that saw it. (i remember seeing a fatal accident happen a few years back and it still haunts me)

Please… out for motorcycles and give them some room….. the sun was out bright this morning….it could be as simple as sun glare that got in the way, to someone texting/on the phone…..who knows.

And to those of you that ride……stay safe!!!

Motorcycle Mama

I’ve been one motorcycling mama over the last week! 51 years old and still in my first year of learning to ride.

Saturday, we rode to Detroit. Stayed there over the weekend. Rode around while also presenting at a kink event. Monday (Memorial Day) we decided to ride back home. Damn was it hot! Made a pit stop in Sandusky for the end of ‘bike week’ up there. Bought some fingerless gloves to help with the heat on the ride. It was 92 degrees! We had to stop a few times just to sit in air conditioning and cool our bodies down.

At least at the moment, i ride full gear all the time. Though, honestly, i had to take the gloves off for awhile. They were blocking any air getting up the sleeves of my jacket. That’s why i ended up buying fingerless gloves. i also bought a drink holder. Need to drink water at stop lights when possible. The fingerless gloves help with this as well.

Today, we road for about 5 hours to southern ohio. What a beautiful ride through fields and Hocking HIlls!

Getting this bike is one of the best decisions i’ve made.