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Qadishti Spanking

i had a Tantra meetup scheduled for tonight. 16 marked as going. Only 1 person showed up.

His name was Mike and he was probably in his 60’s. We had a long conversation and i found out that he’s been giving spankings to people for decades. People find him on a website, he didn’t say which one, and he delivers their spankings; some men, some women. He travels around the world and has people in most of the places he stops at, that he spanks.

Talking with him, hearing how he does service topping, hearing how he doesn’t do it for sex and sticks with what they negotiate ahead of time…..he’s a Qadishti and doesn’t know it. He treats this as sacred.

It surprises me when i find people like this, that have been doing this sacred service for years and aren’t aware that they are very special. They just do it as a way of giving service to those in need. He said that sometimes it’s a wife whose husband is away (i wouldn’t be able to do that if the husband doesn’t know, but i understand the need/drive), sometimes it’s someone with a lot of responsibility that needs ‘punishment’, sometimes it’s someone that has fetishized it and want’s to roleplay, sometimes it’s someone that just needs to cry. Wow. All of this is service/spiritual topping.

Well, if nothing else, i shared some vocabulary with him. i don’t think he’s interested in researching anything, but if he ever is, he’ll have some words to use.