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I’m watching ‘Table Top’, a youtube blog by Wil Weaton (Of Star Trek Next Generation fame), where he plays boards games with other stars. He breaks down the game into bite sizes and teaches you how to play the game. This is my go-to blog when I buy a new board game. Well, recently I noticed that he had a tattoo on his arm and I wanted to learn more about it, so I googled him. It’s a beautiful reddish/orangish octopus and he says that it absolutely has meaning to him but he won’t share what it is. I respect that.
Further down in the article it talks about how he’s always suffered from anxiety and depression. Really? He’s so successful and has done some fun roles, on ‘Guild’ especially. How can that be? Then, I thought about it and there are a lot of actors that I’ve heard suffers from anxiety and/or depression. Robin Wiliams was successful in ending his life after suffering depression. Owen Wilson was saved after his attempt. I’m betting the ones that overdosed were trying to self medicate.
So, I decided to do some research into celebrities that suffer depression. Some surprised me, some didn’t because they have been vocal about it. Jared Padaleki from SuperNatural. He plays ‘Moose’, I mean ‘Sam’. It suprised me, because he’s been on a very successful TV show for 13 years! But, that doesn’t matter, does it? He recently started a charity T-shirt campaign, “Always Keep Fighting”.
Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) (son of Rocky Johnson the wrestler), has suffered depression for a long time. Again, famous person, suffers from depression.
Keanu Reeves, Zach Braff (Scrubbs), Rosie O’Donnell, Wayne Brady….hell, even Jim Carrey suffers from depression.
Wayne Brady says it was hard to admit to his family and friends, because ‘real men’ don’t get that sad. Well, yes, yes they do and he wants people to know that ‘real men’ do have and/or go through depression.
As someone who goes through depression myself… type 2 (which means low grade depression most of the time with little spikes of happiness every now and then)….I really feel for these people and give kudo’s to the fact that they are still out there keeping it together as much as possible.
For the ones that didn’t make it, like Robin Williams and Heath Ledger….I just feel sadness. They let the darkness take them. I don’t judge them, because I’ve been in that dark place myself and have come closer than I want to admit to making the same descision that they did. Sometimes the darkness and pain can be overwhelming.
What do we do? Famous or not….Keep fighting the fight; get therapy, try medication, get out in the woods, surround yourself with those that love you. There are many options out there. Give it a try. Take care of yourself. That’s what I continue to do. My darkness has pretty much disappeared with the help of those things. The sadness and ‘downness’ is more of a constant. But, I continue the battle.