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Tonight I lead the Tantra meetup group once again. We meet monthly at The Columbus Space. At this one there were 8 people and all had been to The Space before, so we were able to talk about kink and poly as well as being conscious for it all.

We talked about breathing, being present, and mindful when we are having sex.

It was really a great conversation.

And I want to document something that was said to me. I mentioned that at a swing club, people aren’t there to have conscious sex, that it’s more about the physical hiccup they call an orgasm. I talked about how I need a connection with the person, a possible ecstatic experience. There was a girl there that spends a lot of time at swing clubs and told me that i had to change my mind of what i think of them. And when i go back i need to go to just have fun. To just be there for me, not to go hunting. Dance, or play pool or something. And if there is someone that clicks with me is there, they will show up. That was very important for me to hear. To be the person I want to be and I’ll attract the person that I want to be with.

And I WANT to be with someone that believes in connecting energetically and spiritually as Divine partners….even if it’s just for that moment. Conscious sex. Conscious living.