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Journal 2019 4-19

Earth Spiritualist

While in Tulsa, we stopped by a place called ‘Woods of Peace’. It was a beautiful place, with litle cabins, hiking trails and a labyrinth. Beautiful. (Dan and i might be creating something like this at some point, but more on that later)

When, we were introducing ourselves to the person running the place, Dan waved at me to introduce myself and my path. I said ‘Pagan’, because i didn’t want to have to explain ‘Qadishti’. But, the word that popped into my head that i wish i had used was ‘Earth Spiritualist’. I hadn’t even heard of that word before.

Then, when i was walking the labyrinth, it mentioned to me that i’m still a Qadishti, but i’m to use the energy of the Earth to power my sexuality. That just felt so right. I need to work with the Earth. She will feed my sexuality. Though, i’m not really sure how to explain that part. Something like….working with her gives me strength to be who i am. And if i can remember that, living life will be so much easier.

Since i hadn’t heard of the word before, i decided to look it up before using it. It seems that there is an international organization that uses this word. But, their website is pretty empty with no traffic on it and not much information.

Probably the only thing in the info i’ve added below is the sustainable living. I just don’t see it as possible. I know people that do it and i try to recycle when i can…but for the grand sceme, i just don’t have the ability or desire.

And since no one is really using these websites…..and i agree with most of what it says, i think i can use the term when out in ‘vanilla’ public.

Otherwise it’s ‘Wiccan Trained Shamanistic Qadishti’ …..or something like that.

According to the website on Earth Spiritualism:

Earth Spiritualism

Earth Spiritualism is an inclusive nature-based interfaith Religion providing Ministry to its members and interested members of the community including regular meetings and study groups to engage in, promote and encourage all aspects of the Earth Spiritualist philosophy and Spiritual practice including kindness, respect and a harmonious co-existence between nature, the Earth, and all living beings.

Ancient Culture & Traditions

Our Religion is kindness.   With our roots in ancient nature-based Spiritual philosophies and traditions from around the world.  Earth Spiritualism merges the old with the new, to provide a non-dogmatic Spirituality for a modern world.

We unite in friendship with world Religions and nature traditions and cultures whose beliefs align with ours for the benefit of world peace.

Our Core Beliefs

Our core beliefs are the three founding principles at the heart of all that we do:

  1. Kindness
  2. Respect for Self
  3. Respect for nature, the earth and all living things

Our belief system is founded on the natural health and wellbeing of mind, body & Spirit and living in harmony with nature, the Earth and all living things.

The Six Principles of Daily Life

The study of The Six Principles of Daily Life provides a path to inner peace, happiness and wellbeing, re-connecting not only to nature but also to the inner Self, restoring any parts which may have been lost along the way.

The Six Principles are:

  • Gratitude
  • Happiness
  • Love
  • Honesty
  • Kindness
  • Respect

The six principles are studied individually.   Each may be studied at any time, in no particular sequence, as and when you are drawn to.

Sustainable Living

We believe that a connection to nature and the land is fundamental to the health & wellbeing of mind, body & Spirit.

Our members practice and encourage sustainable living, the practice of living in harmony with nature, the Earth and all living things in all aspects of daily life including sustainability of the natural and built environments.

Natural Healing

Our members practise and promote natural remedies and natural healing methods.  However we don’t deny the miracles of modern medicine either. We advocate an integrative approach to health and wellbeing at all times.

The Universal Consciousness

We don’t specifically worship the God, Goddess or specific Deities from other Religions, but we don’t deny their existence either.   Our attitude is one of respect. We believe that anything is possible unless proven otherwise.

We believe in a Higher Power, known also as The Universe or Divine Being, a Universal Life Force which connects nature, the Earth and all living things through a Universal Consciousness.  Our Deity is nature and the Earth.

Respect to Others

We believe that Religious and Spiritual beliefs (or none) are a personal choice and we don’t require our followers change their existing beliefs or faith in order to study our teachings.

We respect the right of everyone to their own beliefs and we unite and welcome those from all beliefs and faiths or none, whose beliefs are based on kindness.


We believe in karma, the afterlife and the unseen world.

Inner Peace

Our teachings, meetings and events provide an inspiring personal & Spiritual development path to inner peace, happiness and wellbeing.

Our members conduct regular meetings, study groups, workshops and events to promote and encourage all

Our Teachings

We welcome and unite people from all faiths or none, with an interest in personal & Spiritual development to study our teachings.

Our inspiring personal and Spiritual development program provides a path to inner peace.