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It’s rare that I have a full day off. I’ve been chillin and pretty much just lazing around. It feels weird.

I found a new season of Super Natural on Netflix, so I started binging that. Then, I went out and walked a couple of miles. I cooked lots of food for lunches at work over the next week (going back on keto). I finished listening to a book and we went to The Space and had a mini- directors meeting. But, it still feels like I haven’t done anything all day.

It just goes to show how busy my life is.

So, I’ve been watching TV, not really sure what to do with myself. Maybe I should have cleaned house. Maybe I should have worked on the yard. Maybe I should have taken a ride on the bike. But, really, I’ve been enjoying binge watching TV.

I just sent my weekly schedule to the boyfriend, and I’m busy every night this week.