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So, what does being a Qadishti Priestess mean to me? and what am i going to do next on my path? …..I ask myself.

Good question, dawn. What is next?

My idea is to keep studying Sacred Sexuality in its many forms. Whether books, classes or online training that doesn’t fall into the trap of costing insane amounts of money because it’s ‘Tantra’. Lots of unethical places out there using the word ‘Tantra’ to bilk people out of money. (my soapbox rant)

I also plan to bring ‘Jill’ parties to more kink events. i’ve already brought it to Kinky Kollege…and have a couple more lined up. A Jill party is where i gather women together in a safe space, where others can watch us but not touch us, and we masturbate side by side. It’s for women only…..vulva owners only… have a safe space to explore our juicy, sexual energy. This has brought up questions by guys as to why they can’t join. Many men won’t understand this because they’ve never had a reason to feel unsafe. Many women have felt unsafe in their sexuality for a very long time. Spreading their thighs and exposing themselves is very dangerous. This is a time that we can do that with pride and sensuality and support of others. It’s healing.

For the guys, there may be a time that i offer ‘Jack and Jill’ parties. I will interview the guys first, so make sure they are in it for the healing aspect and not the expected handjob they think they are going to get. ….Is that judgmental? Maybe so. I’ll have to work on that. But, as someone that has been used by men since …….(another soapbox rant….sorry). Short story, my goal at the moment is to work with women healing rituals and the Jill party is one of those that i made up that i’d like to take on the road. Men and those with penis body parts will just have to understand. Or not and start their own gathering.

I also plan on having masturbation (self-pleasuring) healing rituals….that are by themselves…..not part of an event.

And more workshops on Qadishti BDSM and Sacred Sexuality and Energy work. These are for anyone.

I’ve also got this idea and i’m not sure how far i’m going to go with it………but i’m think of doing some spiritual topping. I already do this in ritual when i’m asked by someone that wants to use bdsm or sex energy for healing, but i’m thinking of doing it more on a service topping level as well. We’ll see. i’m not much of a top but if it’s for service and/or healing and/or connection, it might be a route i take.


OK….time to embrace the badass side of my self. Jumping on the motorcycle and going to enjoy this beautiful day.