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So….one of the things i had wanted to do for years, after it was suggested by a POTQ graduate…was to record a podcast called ‘Qadishti Quickies’….

i tried it. i didn’t like it. It was flat. i’m used to recording with my husband and have done so for almost 10 years with our podcast, ‘Erotic Awakening’. There just isn’t a flow to my recording.

But, if i’m going to embrace this path, maybe i should try it again. Maybe some music playing while i’m talking would help. it might be worth a try. But, i have so many other projects that i’m actually excited about, i’m not sure that i want to put the time into this.

i would take the ‘quickies’ to my new facebook group, but there are only 3 members on it. i want a larger audience.

i could do it on fetlife, but then it’s only fet audience. i want it to reach further.

i have to give this some though. How can i reach people? Why do i want to reach people? Probably because some people don’t know this is a valid spiritual path, or because some people are already following a similar path and don’t know it or don’t have words for it. It feels like that’s the answer. Not sure.