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Well, there really isn’t much out there in the way of training to be a Qadishti. Many of us kind of create our own thing.

Inara, from Temple of the Red Lotus, used to have some online training. But, she’s traveling now, so i don’t think it’s available anymore. Checking…..googled…..nope, can’t find it.

So, all that is available, that i’m aware of is the ‘Path of the Qadishti’ program that my husband and i created years ago. We started getting overwhelmed with everything else we were doing, So, we handed it off to a student and her partner and they’ve been running it for years. i think they skipped it this year though.

And i run POTQ2 for the graduates of POTQ1.

So, there really isn’t any training for ME to take. I try to take a Tantra course every now and then. I lead a Tantra meetup and every once in awhile there is someone that shows up that can teach me something. i took an online Tantra course recently. And other than that, i read and experience.

So, the next thing i’m doing for my self training…..well there are 2 things and i think i mentioned the first one already. The first one is to write my expectations that i have of myself as a Qadishti Priestess. The 2nd is to come up with a list of books to read.

Here’s what I have so far:

Ethical Slut (re-read)

Radical Ecstasy (re-read)

Finding God through Sex (Re-read)

Casting a Queer Circle

Red Tantra

Wild Woman

The Body Keeps Score

So, part of this reading list is about Sacred Sexuality, some about Sex Positivity, others about Ritual, others about Somatic healing…..and so on. i’m happy with this list so far. Now i just have to make time to read them. Write now, i’m reading Red Tantra, 1 chapter a day.

i tried to find out from our podcast listeners what they read. No responses.