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So, this is how i’m re-branding the ‘Jill Party’ that i’ve facilitated at a kink event.

Like i’ve mentioned before….i have a desire to host these at various adult events. Though, if the event thinks they are too exclusive (vulva owners only), then i’ll just have them as my personal scene and invite a few women in. 🙂

Here is what i told one woman this morning…..she was expressing a fear in participating in one that my friend is hosting up in Chicago this weekend. Though it’s not like what i did up there. She made some changes. Anyway, this woman was saying that she was scared and it was pushing her comfort zone. Here’s what i told her…..

“that’s part of what this is about. Yes, it’s scary, yes it’s pushing some boundaries, yes it can be something that you need to push yourself to do. To lay hip to hip and shoulder to shoulder with other women as we self-pleasure, drowning in the sensual/sexual energy of those of our own sex, opening our vulvas to the Universe.

i created this as a way of using sensual/sexual energy for empowerment and healing of women.

And of course, it’s just a lot of fun to be in that potent & powerful energy. 🙂

If this was scary for you to do….make sure to congratulate yourself on walking through your fear when you are done.

Have a great time everyone! i’ll be thinking of you as i host a spanking party here in Columbus! 😉

Oh….and remember….it’s not always about the orgasm. Yes orgasms or fun….but in 20 minutes, some will reach orgasm….some won’t. i did once and not the other time. It’s not a big deal. The idea is to feel the pleasure and energy of the others around you and to contribute to that pleasure with your own pleasure. Explore your body. Bring it pleasure. ….and it’s not a show. Close your eyes if needed so that you can feel the energy of those around you and not pay attention to those watching. It’s not about them. They are just there to witness the beauty.”


And that’s my thought on it…’s not about anything except experiencing the beauty of being a woman, with a beautiful vulva (pussy, cunt, whatever you call it) and expressing that beauty with other women. If anyone is watching, they are just witnesses not participants.