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The more i think about it, the more it seems that my Qadishtu path is going to be about teaching. i’m ok with that…partly. i love teaching. i love sharing experience. i love reading on specific topics to learn more.

But, at some point, i’d like to experience more. i need to find some festivals that include classes on Sacred Sexuality. Not Tantra. But, deep, dark, intense Sacred Sexuality. i used to go to events like that, but they dont’ seem to exist anymore. Or i just haven’t been making it a priority to find them. But, festivals like that is how i learned so much. i learn from experience, hands on experience much easier than books. And to find people that have experience to share, that would be amazing.

So, though i’m creating a reading list for my path, and will be creating a code of conduct and expectations for myself, and will be creating ritual and workshops and POTQ2 and facebook groups……my biggest chance at growth and experience on this path will be going to festivals.

Time to start looking for what’s available come spring.