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So, like I said in a previous post…..I’m craving running a 5k again. I’ve only officially run 100%, 1 race before and that was before my surgery. I’d like to either beat my fastest time or run a complete race. I’m actually ok with run/walking and beating my best time. That would be fun. 🙂

I scanned all the running boards in my area and there isn’t much available on the weekends that I have free. But, I do have a weekend coming up at the end of this month where I have nothing scheduled and Dan is away on a trip. So, I decided to see if there were any 5k’s near my sister. AND there is one on that same weekend that I’m free. I messaged her to see if they would be and town and it looks like they are.

It looks like I may be buying a ticket back home and running a 5k there. That means I better get training so I don’t disappoint (myself) as they cheer me on.

These are the type of goals I need.

Back to run/walking!!!