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There is a meetup that I hold at The Space once a month; the Tantra Meetup. At this meetup I teach a lot of basics with Sacred Sexuality, Tantra and other sexuality modalities. Some of these classes are about breathing, chakras, mindfulness, and other basic topics. Stuff I learned many years ago.

But, like I said, basics. I’ve been wanting to bump up my training for years now, but have no one to do it with. Sacred Sexuality is easier learned with a partner. For me, that would be a masculine partner. Yin and Yang.

I’e been looking for years. Though, tonight it struck me that if I keep surrounding myself with new people, all I’m meeting are new people. I’d have to ‘train’ someone for awhile to catch up with me. But, that’s not what I want to do. I’d rather find someone that has different training and experiences than me…something that we could blend.

It’s been hard to find….impossible. Like I’ve said, I’ve been out there looking for years. 10 years? If not a little longer.

But, what is it that I’m really looking for in this? I guess just to further my training and experience. I’d like to bump it up. But, I’m just not sure how.

And is it worth my time? The Universe hasn’t been helpful. Maybe it’s not the path I’m supposed to be on.

Not sure. Not going to worry about it for awhile. For now, my decision is whether to keep spending time running 101 groups.