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What a scary morning….Dan (my husband) left on his bike this morning (the first sunny day in days), jumping on 270 N to go to work. i jumped on my bike and though it’s faster, I won’t do 270 especially during rush hour traffic. As I start to take the road that runs right beside 270, I see that traffic going north has stopped. My guess is that there has been an accident. The images that go through my head are horrible and I have to talk to myself to get them to vanish.

Each time I stop at a red light I wonder if I have time to text Dan, asking him to text me when he gets to work so that I know he’s ok. ……the whole time driving next to the highway, seeing stopped traffic, i wonder what i’m going to see when I get to the accident sight. …..heart in my throat. But, having to keep an eye on the traffic around me that is doing the same thing (rubbernecking) and probably not watching out for me.

As i cross the bridge going over 270 i can tell that it’s something major, but most of my view is cut off by the bridge. i can’t see, but it looks like it’s the southbound lane where it’s happened, not the northbound which is where Dan would have been riding. But i can’t be sure since both sides are stopped.

i get to work and right away text him to text back. It takes a few minutes…of me trying not to think horrible thoughts…..when he finally texts back. It was probably only a few minutes, but it felt like forever. Relief floods over me as I see his message that he made it to work ok.

How scary!

I just checked the news a few minutes ago and it did involve a motorcycle and it was fatal. Thank goodness it wasn’t Dan….but oh how horrible for the family of the person involved. They were probobably on their way to work….their family not knowing it’s the last time they will see them.  and the person that hit them. And the people that saw it. (i remember seeing a fatal accident happen a few years back and it still haunts me)

Please… out for motorcycles and give them some room….. the sun was out bright this morning….it could be as simple as sun glare that got in the way, to someone texting/on the phone…..who knows.

And to those of you that ride……stay safe!!!