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Bad Ass Grandma

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I think my new motto is going to be ‘Bad Ass Grandma’ aka ‘B.A.G.’

I found it on a website that was recommended to me from another lady biker for women’s accessories. They have t-shirts and patches and other things that say ‘OLD B.A.G.’ I’m going to drop the old part and just ‘Bad Ass Grandma’.

Why? Cause I think I’m Bad Ass and I’m a Grandma J

This morning I did some interval run/walking for 3 miles, training for a 5k I’m running on Saturday, after flying to the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The race is in Rehobeth Beach, DE. My sisters will be picking me up from the airport and my brother-in-law will be running with me. Then, after the run, I jumped on my motorcycle and rode to work.

There is actually a lot of bad ass things that I do…..clergy work, leading groups, multiple relationships, sex positive life…..

I think I’m going to put this patch on my vest to remind me that I’m a tough gal, so that when people say I’m ‘intimidating’ or ‘too visible’ or don’t seem to believe that I’m a leader……I’ll just look at my patch and dust it off.


Running a 5k

So, like I said in a previous post…..I’m craving running a 5k again. I’ve only officially run 100%, 1 race before and that was before my surgery. I’d like to either beat my fastest time or run a complete race. I’m actually ok with run/walking and beating my best time. That would be fun. 🙂

I scanned all the running boards in my area and there isn’t much available on the weekends that I have free. But, I do have a weekend coming up at the end of this month where I have nothing scheduled and Dan is away on a trip. So, I decided to see if there were any 5k’s near my sister. AND there is one on that same weekend that I’m free. I messaged her to see if they would be and town and it looks like they are.

It looks like I may be buying a ticket back home and running a 5k there. That means I better get training so I don’t disappoint (myself) as they cheer me on.

These are the type of goals I need.

Back to run/walking!!!