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Craving a run….

Craving a run….

i’ve really been craving a good long run.

Unfortunately, i screwed up my back last November and put off going back tot he physical therapist. By February, my husband was tired of me moaning and groaning all the time and not being able to sleep. My back would lock up and i wouldn’t be able to roll over in bed. So, no running. Instead i started doing more yoga. Come to find out, it’s the worst thing i could have done for my back. Ok, maybe not the worst thing, but the physical therapist wasn’t happy at all.

But, i’m feeling better now. The only problem is that it’s been 6 months since i’ve been running. Pile that on top of the time off because of my belt lipectomy surgery and i’m totally out of shape. Time to get back on track.

My physical therapist says i can start training for 5k’s this year. i have to wait until next year before starting to train for a 10k and if i don’t screw up my back then he may let me train for a half marathon the third year. i’ll be 54 before he’ll allow me to try for a half marathon. Ugh….i hate waiting so long for anything. i like instant gratification.

Some say, that’s makes me a hedonist. i’ll write about that thought later.


Motorcycle Mama

I’ve been one motorcycling mama over the last week! 51 years old and still in my first year of learning to ride.

Saturday, we rode to Detroit. Stayed there over the weekend. Rode around while also presenting at a kink event. Monday (Memorial Day) we decided to ride back home. Damn was it hot! Made a pit stop in Sandusky for the end of ‘bike week’ up there. Bought some fingerless gloves to help with the heat on the ride. It was 92 degrees! We had to stop a few times just to sit in air conditioning and cool our bodies down.

At least at the moment, i ride full gear all the time. Though, honestly, i had to take the gloves off for awhile. They were blocking any air getting up the sleeves of my jacket. That’s why i ended up buying fingerless gloves. i also bought a drink holder. Need to drink water at stop lights when possible. The fingerless gloves help with this as well.

Today, we road for about 5 hours to southern ohio. What a beautiful ride through fields and Hocking HIlls!

Getting this bike is one of the best decisions i’ve made.