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There are moments when I feel like a bad ass….

And those moments are when i’m on my motorcycle.

It was about 63 and sunny today, so i rode her over to my office, which is only a couple miles away. But, it was so awesome. 2 construction guys pulled up next to me in their truck and just smiled and gave me a thumbs up. i would have love to jump their bones. Oh wait, did i say that? Eh, it’s ok. i’m poly.

i’m not sure what it is about the bike but riding her makes me feel like i can do anything. Maybe because it’s one of the hardest things i’ve every attempted to learn and it takes physical skill, which i don’t have a lot of. Or maybe it’s being out there with the guys. There aren’t a lot of women riders. They are usually on the back seat of a guys bike.

Another time of feeling bad ass is when i’m involved in a health and wellness challenge and i’m kicking butt, which i’m doing right now. Though i’m only 3 days into the challenge. But, just writing this blog is points towards having a perfect day on our challenge.

And, i’m not sure if the word is ‘bad ass’, but when i’m clergy….yeah, leading rehearsals and officiating weddings….or during ritual, or funerals or baby blessings…..all of it. Maybe the word is ’empowered’ or ‘authentic’. And especially if i can do the ritual as a Qadishti Priestess. Empowered, Bad Ass….the same thing?

Bad Ass Grandma

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I think my new motto is going to be ‘Bad Ass Grandma’ aka ‘B.A.G.’

I found it on a website that was recommended to me from another lady biker for women’s accessories. They have t-shirts and patches and other things that say ‘OLD B.A.G.’ I’m going to drop the old part and just ‘Bad Ass Grandma’.

Why? Cause I think I’m Bad Ass and I’m a Grandma J

This morning I did some interval run/walking for 3 miles, training for a 5k I’m running on Saturday, after flying to the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The race is in Rehobeth Beach, DE. My sisters will be picking me up from the airport and my brother-in-law will be running with me. Then, after the run, I jumped on my motorcycle and rode to work.

There is actually a lot of bad ass things that I do…..clergy work, leading groups, multiple relationships, sex positive life…..

I think I’m going to put this patch on my vest to remind me that I’m a tough gal, so that when people say I’m ‘intimidating’ or ‘too visible’ or don’t seem to believe that I’m a leader……I’ll just look at my patch and dust it off.