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I’ve had this deep sense of longing since having that dream the other night. I look at his picture and long to see him again.

I haven’t experienced this since mine and Dan’s relationship changed from friends to lovers. I had this longing for him for many years. And when he would do overnights and weekends with his girlfriend, I would have that same longing. Now our relationship has matured and it’s a different feeling I have with him. A deep love. When I visit back home and am gone for awhile, I get that same deep feeling of longing and wanting to be back home with him.

So, why am I longing for someone that hasn’t been around for 16 years? What does this dream represent? Why am i sitting in my cube at work and this deep feeling come over me? What am I missing? How do I figure this out?

This just isn’t an emotion that i’m used to feeling….for no reason.