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Ishtar has wings

More than a few years ago, i had this vision (i don’t even remember the details) that i should be working with a Goddess with Wings. i tried Isis and a few others and they just didn’t feel right. i also knew that it was supposed to be a Goddess for Sacred Sexuality. For weeks i looked at google images and finally found one that worked for me. It was Freya.

i tried Freya on. i liked it. i did an ecstatic dance and invoked Frey to ask her why she came to me if i was looking for a Goddess of Sacred Sexuality. She laughed and said, how do you think i got my amber necklace from the dwarves? i slept with them. i am absolutely a Goddess of Sex. Many people focus on the Goddess of War, Valkirie aspect, but there is so much more.

So, i worked with Freya for a very long time. i still work with her some days, but it’s very rare now.

Today, i was doing some research on Qadishtu/Qadishti/Sacred Secuality for a new facebook group i started….and came across this ….


And her animals are lions.

i’ve also worked with Sekhmet because of her lion aspects.

So…what if i was supposed to have worked with Ishtar? i know a few that do work with her and her other name, Inanna. Some have even named themselves after her.

Before, i tried to make myself work with her (before i even knew she had wings). It didn’t work. I’m not sure i even recognized she had wings. Freya did and Freya spoke to me.

Now, i’m seeing the wings of Ishtar/Inanna and it feels like i’m supposed to work with her.

We’ll see how it goes.

This poem to her that I found (in another language and then translated) really spoke to me when i found it today…


Prayer by Ishara Labyris, Ps. Dea 

Ishtar Veiled 
Who pierces the sky with its soft light 
Witches moon 
Women’s blood 
Star power 

Flaming Ishtar 
Flame of Life 
Mixing with the rain 
To create the Rainbow Necklace 
And to walk between the worlds 

Ishtar of the Sea 
To the thousand river daughters 
Noisy or secret 
O Mystery of the deep waters 
of the original Matrix 

Mother Ishtar 
Unremovable Creator 
Rich roots, green tops 
Tree of Life, shadows and lights 
Eternal Balance 

Dark Ishtar 
Who descends under Earth 
Under the roots, under the stones
Crossing the Seven Gates of Hell 
Dying and reborn 

Red Ishtar 
Lover of all, wife of no 
Freedom of love for everyone 
Beauty that heals hearts 
Prostitute to the sacred gift 

In this place be venerated 
In this place be thanked 
I beg you, Ishtar 
With all the beating of my heart 



Red Tantra

So, i’m reading this book titled ‘Red Tantra’ …it’s talking about how orgasms are a gift of the Goddess, to connect with the Universe.

I so get this.

Red Tantra is a little different than most Tantra’s. Most Tantra paths that you hear about, at least in the Western World, are about controlling orgasms and energy. Red Tantra is about letting be what will be. Instead of trying to control things so that men last longer and can be multi-orgasmic…let things be a volcano, erupt with passion, enjoy being the sexual being you are, be in the present moment instead of using stories and positions to control things.

Yes! i kept thinking as a practitioner of sacred sexuality, i needed to study Tantra. And i have had some study’s. But, i like it more when the person that is with me is so in the zone and energetically available that passion just takes over. That doesn’t mean that orgasms on my part even have to happen. i just want to be passionately able to let my walls down and just feel the other person and the Universe without reservation. Sex (and BdSM) is my connection to persons and the Universe.

And if i get to have an orgasm, i love it when it’s the kind that has me blending with the energy world and universe around me.

Though, this book says that clitoral orgasms usually cause an emotional release and that how you know they are clitoral, i don’t always agree. Yes, i usually have an emotional release with them, but there are times i cry with a full body orgasm. Or with a good hot scene. Why? Because i’ve touched the Goddess. i’ve transcended this realm and experienced another beautiful place, another time, another dimension. I’ve felt my whole self, my complete self or i’ve transcended myself, i’m not sure which it is.

Heaven. That is heaven to me.

And calls to me so much more than the positions and exercises of White Tantra.