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Medicine Card about Qadishtu

I’ve been in a funky mood since getting triggered at our event BTL last week. We had people show up from another event to tell us how we were doing our event was wrong, and they did it in front of about 100 people that were in our class, ‘Ask Us the Hard Shit’. Everything was going great, on only about 3 hours of sleep after dealing with 2 drunk attendees early that morning. Then, these people who don’t know us at all decided that moment to verbally attack us and how we do our event (sold out for year number 6). Totally triggered me. Felt like a hostage situation where we were being bullied and no one thought the could help us. It was awful. And i’m not the only one they triggered.

I’m finally out of the trigger but am still having a problem with realizing how mean people can be. That was just mean. What they did was mean and they are ok with it. They feel they are doing it to benefit groups of people.

Now i’m seeing all the meanness around me, especially on poly facebook groups. It’s awful.

So, why would i wan to be a priestess of any sort? There is so much meanness out there.

*sigh* That’s my answer, isn’t it? i’m not a mean person. So, i need to be out there doing my thing don’t i?

i’m trying to get back on track with my priestess self.

For meditation this morning, i drew a medicine card. i asked the cards what i needed to do with my Qadishtu path. ‘Medicine cards, medicine cards, tell me true. What do i need to hear from you regarding my Qadishtu path?’

Reversed Antelope:

Quit being conventional and following others all the time. Take your own authority. Let Antelope’s heart beat strong in you, and you will know the way. Bas as always, the message is “Do it!” The fear of the unknown subsides once action begins.

Contrary Antelope may also be telling you that a decision to start is now necessary. The main element in procrastination is lack of conviction. To honor your chosen destiny is to honor your commitment to doing what you “proclaim” you are doing. Walking your talk is the essence of Antelope people. Talking your walk is contrary Antelope personified.

To right contrary Antelope, three steps are necessary:

  1. Have the desire to do something
  2.  Make the firm decision to begin that action
  3. Do it!

Qadishti Quickies

So….one of the things i had wanted to do for years, after it was suggested by a POTQ graduate…was to record a podcast called ‘Qadishti Quickies’….

i tried it. i didn’t like it. It was flat. i’m used to recording with my husband and have done so for almost 10 years with our podcast, ‘Erotic Awakening’. There just isn’t a flow to my recording.

But, if i’m going to embrace this path, maybe i should try it again. Maybe some music playing while i’m talking would help. it might be worth a try. But, i have so many other projects that i’m actually excited about, i’m not sure that i want to put the time into this.

i would take the ‘quickies’ to my new facebook group, but there are only 3 members on it. i want a larger audience.

i could do it on fetlife, but then it’s only fet audience. i want it to reach further.

i have to give this some though. How can i reach people? Why do i want to reach people? Probably because some people don’t know this is a valid spiritual path, or because some people are already following a similar path and don’t know it or don’t have words for it. It feels like that’s the answer. Not sure.















Qadishti Spanking

i had a Tantra meetup scheduled for tonight. 16 marked as going. Only 1 person showed up.

His name was Mike and he was probably in his 60’s. We had a long conversation and i found out that he’s been giving spankings to people for decades. People find him on a website, he didn’t say which one, and he delivers their spankings; some men, some women. He travels around the world and has people in most of the places he stops at, that he spanks.

Talking with him, hearing how he does service topping, hearing how he doesn’t do it for sex and sticks with what they negotiate ahead of time…..he’s a Qadishti and doesn’t know it. He treats this as sacred.

It surprises me when i find people like this, that have been doing this sacred service for years and aren’t aware that they are very special. They just do it as a way of giving service to those in need. He said that sometimes it’s a wife whose husband is away (i wouldn’t be able to do that if the husband doesn’t know, but i understand the need/drive), sometimes it’s someone with a lot of responsibility that needs ‘punishment’, sometimes it’s someone that has fetishized it and want’s to roleplay, sometimes it’s someone that just needs to cry. Wow. All of this is service/spiritual topping.

Well, if nothing else, i shared some vocabulary with him. i don’t think he’s interested in researching anything, but if he ever is, he’ll have some words to use.
















Ishtar has wings

More than a few years ago, i had this vision (i don’t even remember the details) that i should be working with a Goddess with Wings. i tried Isis and a few others and they just didn’t feel right. i also knew that it was supposed to be a Goddess for Sacred Sexuality. For weeks i looked at google images and finally found one that worked for me. It was Freya.

i tried Freya on. i liked it. i did an ecstatic dance and invoked Frey to ask her why she came to me if i was looking for a Goddess of Sacred Sexuality. She laughed and said, how do you think i got my amber necklace from the dwarves? i slept with them. i am absolutely a Goddess of Sex. Many people focus on the Goddess of War, Valkirie aspect, but there is so much more.

So, i worked with Freya for a very long time. i still work with her some days, but it’s very rare now.

Today, i was doing some research on Qadishtu/Qadishti/Sacred Secuality for a new facebook group i started….and came across this ….


And her animals are lions.

i’ve also worked with Sekhmet because of her lion aspects.

So…what if i was supposed to have worked with Ishtar? i know a few that do work with her and her other name, Inanna. Some have even named themselves after her.

Before, i tried to make myself work with her (before i even knew she had wings). It didn’t work. I’m not sure i even recognized she had wings. Freya did and Freya spoke to me.

Now, i’m seeing the wings of Ishtar/Inanna and it feels like i’m supposed to work with her.

We’ll see how it goes.

This poem to her that I found (in another language and then translated) really spoke to me when i found it today…


Prayer by Ishara Labyris, Ps. Dea 

Ishtar Veiled 
Who pierces the sky with its soft light 
Witches moon 
Women’s blood 
Star power 

Flaming Ishtar 
Flame of Life 
Mixing with the rain 
To create the Rainbow Necklace 
And to walk between the worlds 

Ishtar of the Sea 
To the thousand river daughters 
Noisy or secret 
O Mystery of the deep waters 
of the original Matrix 

Mother Ishtar 
Unremovable Creator 
Rich roots, green tops 
Tree of Life, shadows and lights 
Eternal Balance 

Dark Ishtar 
Who descends under Earth 
Under the roots, under the stones
Crossing the Seven Gates of Hell 
Dying and reborn 

Red Ishtar 
Lover of all, wife of no 
Freedom of love for everyone 
Beauty that heals hearts 
Prostitute to the sacred gift 

In this place be venerated 
In this place be thanked 
I beg you, Ishtar 
With all the beating of my heart 



What is a Qadishtu/Qadishti?

Here is a great description of Qadishtu…..on this website they are also trying to sell a pendant and this is the description they use….but it’s still a great one. I cut out the part of them describing the pendant. (though i may end up buying a pendant like this. It’s beautiful) 🙂

A long time ago before we worshipped the big ‘G’ God in his masculine composition most worshipped the Earth Mother. The Great Earth Mother Goddess was holy and sacred, in alignment with the cycles and seasons of the Earth.  ‘She Was The Mother Of All Life’. 

Women’s bodies were fashioned from her to perform acts of creation.  This design is mirrored in all of nature from the animals to the crops, rivers, land and seasons. Women’s bodies were blessed and hallowed; the female form was honored and valued. The human female was the divine image of the feminine aspect of God; She was Creator, nurturer and giver of life, she was Holy and held in reverence.

Qadishtu was a consecrated class of Temple Priestesses/ aka Temple prostitutes/ who were highly trained, and worshipped the fertility Goddess Astarte. The Temple prostitute was an accomplished and skilled Priestess who excelled in the arts of sexuality, pleasure, and honoring the Mother Goddess in all her forms.  Sex was viewed as a natural and heavenly act, which brought forth new life, joy and mirrored the fertility of the Earth.  Men sought out the Sacred Priestesses of the temple because it was understood that this sexual act was an act of worshipping the Goddess.  The priestess became the vessel into which the Great Goddess Astarte entered and the resulting union produced amazing states of ecstasy allowing men of earth to move their awareness upwards to the heavenly host via the Temple Priestesses teachings.  For this honor to the Goddess,  men paid the temple very well.

Archaeologists who discovered statues like the Neolithic Venus of Willendorf, suggest that the Great Mother Goddess was worshipped as far back as 40,000 BCE.  In ancient times these holy women were held in the highest esteem. The temple priestess became the representation of the Goddess in physical form.