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Weight Loss & Running

My weight is stalled once again.

How frustrating. It tends to stall at this exact weight each time. So, I take a day off my way of eating and try to shock my body into losing weight. It used to work. It doesn’t now. Instead, I gain back a couple of pounds and then have to work to get back down to the plateau weight and get stuck here again.

I’m even training to run/walk a 5k next week, and nothing. It’s stuck. It’s like my body is holding onto this number and won’t let go. Stop it! It’s ok. We aren’t going to starve if I lose 3 more pounds. I promise.

I’ve got such cute clothes that I bought right before the belt lipectomy surgery (lower body lift) and now that I’ve I’ve gained 20 pounds since the surgery, they don’t fit!

And the 20 pounds I gained back…isn’t in the belly where they chopped off the extra skin. No. It’s in the thighs and the upper arms and that spare tire that is right above the sculpted area. I’m not liking it at all. It means that I can’t get pants up over my thighs. And the ones I can get up over my thighs are too big for my waist and ass and want to fall down. My shirts won’t fit over my upper arms and the ones that do, fall off my shoulders. It’s a very sloppy look that I’m not liking at all. 20 to 30 pounds off would solve the clothing issue.

It will also help with my running time. Think about yourself running … add a 30 pound backpack to your back and try again. Or better yet, add 7 pounds to each leg and each arm. It’s hard. ….Well, running is hard to begin with. But, that 30 pounds needs to go. Plus, it will keep me from wearing out my joints too fast. I’ve only got so much time to accomplish the things I want to accomplish before they give out anyway.

Why run? I should write that at another time…..but quick and sweet…..because I was never a runner and it’s something I want to be, even for a little while before my time is up. I like goals. I like trying new things. I like accomplishing things. This is just another of those accomplishments.

I’m going to try and to a fat fast I think to get my weight moving. We’ll see.

If it would stop raining, I’d get more miles in. That would work too.

Running a 5k

So, like I said in a previous post…..I’m craving running a 5k again. I’ve only officially run 100%, 1 race before and that was before my surgery. I’d like to either beat my fastest time or run a complete race. I’m actually ok with run/walking and beating my best time. That would be fun. 🙂

I scanned all the running boards in my area and there isn’t much available on the weekends that I have free. But, I do have a weekend coming up at the end of this month where I have nothing scheduled and Dan is away on a trip. So, I decided to see if there were any 5k’s near my sister. AND there is one on that same weekend that I’m free. I messaged her to see if they would be and town and it looks like they are.

It looks like I may be buying a ticket back home and running a 5k there. That means I better get training so I don’t disappoint (myself) as they cheer me on.

These are the type of goals I need.

Back to run/walking!!!

Craving a run….

Craving a run….

i’ve really been craving a good long run.

Unfortunately, i screwed up my back last November and put off going back tot he physical therapist. By February, my husband was tired of me moaning and groaning all the time and not being able to sleep. My back would lock up and i wouldn’t be able to roll over in bed. So, no running. Instead i started doing more yoga. Come to find out, it’s the worst thing i could have done for my back. Ok, maybe not the worst thing, but the physical therapist wasn’t happy at all.

But, i’m feeling better now. The only problem is that it’s been 6 months since i’ve been running. Pile that on top of the time off because of my belt lipectomy surgery and i’m totally out of shape. Time to get back on track.

My physical therapist says i can start training for 5k’s this year. i have to wait until next year before starting to train for a 10k and if i don’t screw up my back then he may let me train for a half marathon the third year. i’ll be 54 before he’ll allow me to try for a half marathon. Ugh….i hate waiting so long for anything. i like instant gratification.

Some say, that’s makes me a hedonist. i’ll write about that thought later.