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Not sure what to do with myself….

It’s rare that I have a full day off. I’ve been chillin and pretty much just lazing around. It feels weird.

I found a new season of Super Natural on Netflix, so I started binging that. Then, I went out and walked a couple of miles. I cooked lots of food for lunches at work over the next week (going back on keto). I finished listening to a book and we went to The Space and had a mini- directors meeting. But, it still feels like I haven’t done anything all day.

It just goes to show how busy my life is.

So, I’ve been watching TV, not really sure what to do with myself. Maybe I should have cleaned house. Maybe I should have worked on the yard. Maybe I should have taken a ride on the bike. But, really, I’ve been enjoying binge watching TV.

I just sent my weekly schedule to the boyfriend, and I’m busy every night this week.

Oh so lucky….

Is it luck? or hard work? that has me where i am today? Or a little of both?

My husband and i were just talking about how lucky we are. Here we are sitting outside a coffee shop in the breeze, reading and journaling. It’s beautiful out here. Just a little chilly, but we can see random motorcycles ride by. Can’t help but look up from our computers as we hear one ride by. i have a feeling we’ll be on our bikes after dropping off the chairs at The Space (we are waiting for Valerie’s wedding to be over so we can pick up the chairs).

So….lucky….we sat in out hottub last night, at our beautiful house, looking up at the sky seeing the lightening bugs blinking in the tall trees over the house. Lucky, with the house. It’s perfect for the 3 of us to live in. Lucky with our employment even though i’m temping. Lucky with our motorcycles. Just so damn lucky.

But, we’ve worked hard as well. It’s not like it was given to us. We worked for it. We jumped into the deep end more than once, jumping through the wall of fear. Doing the work to make these relationships work. Staying with jobs that we didn’t like, just to make the payments on the bills. The work at the Space. The work with our events. The work with our presenting. We have some amazing trips coming up.

Gratitude. So much gratitude for how my life has turned out so far.