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What’s the saying ‘the squeaky wheel gets the oil’….which means the person that talks the most/loudest or complains the most, gets the attention


But, do you really want to be a squeaky wheel? Constantly asking for things?


To me if i’m having to squeak, then something is wrong. Squeaky wheels are annoying. So we oil them. But that doesn’t always fix things. It squeaks again, we oil it again. It squeaks again, we start to get resentful because obviously the oiling isn’t working. The part is wearing out or it doesn’t fit right. So, it’s time to replace it with a better part that doesn’t need as much maintenance.


Or…better yet…get a wheel that is self-lubricating. Or be proactive and do maintenance before the squeaking starts.

The pro-active maintenance doesn’t just fall on one person. I know for me, I’m trying to become a self-lubricating wheel. The more I can take care of myself, the less squeaking is involved. I won’t have to depend on others to oil me.

The problem happens when everyone thinks everything is ok….self-lubing is happening …and then the squeak pops up out of no where, surprising both the wheel and the other person.

What other pro-maintenance needs to be done? What are they overlooking?

Because in my world, being a squeaky wheel isn’t an option in my relationships.              .