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So….I’m back on the Eastern Shore for a visit, and it always strikes me how much slower things are here. We certainly do a lot in the couple of days i’m here, but we actually get to sit around and just chill a lot as well. My life back in Ohio just isn’t like this. Here we sit on the porch in rockers and talk. When I’m back home in Columbus, if someone wants to talk to me, they usually have to walk around The Space with me as I’m prepping for some event or workshop or whatever is going on.

If I’m home with down time like this, I’m out on the motorcycle or binge watching netflix with my computer in my lap (like now), getting work done. I don’t sit still like this without trying to accomplish something.

I’m a little torn. I am missing the motorcycle. I am missing Dan. But, when he goes on a vacation with Karen, I tend to see if I can make it back to the Shore for a short visit. I miss the water. I miss spending time with family and seeing everyone growing up. It’s surprising sometimes realizing that I’ve lived as long in Ohio as I was in Maryland. Ohio definitely feels like home now though.

Maybe one day my life will slow down, but I seriously doubt it. As much as I like a couple days of chilling here, I like being busy there as well.

Sunday, I’ll be flying back. The boyfriend will be picking me up from the airport and we’ll spend some time together. Then, it’s back to work on Monday and Tuesday. Monday night I have a Tantra class to teach. Tuesday night I have a munch to go to. Or I might set up a date with someone that reached out to me through okcupid. Wednesday I pack for mine and Dan’s trip to Ithaca, NY to teach over the weekend. Thursday we drive there. Friday, Saturday and Sunday we teach. Sunday night we drive back. Monday is back to work for my last week there. Busy, but fullfilling.