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I found a motorcycle yesterday that really spoke to me as my forever bike. But, I just bought one and it would be a pain in the butt to buy that one and then try to sell mine. I still have the Honda in the shed that I sold, but haven’t completed the transaction on yet.

This bike is purple and a girl owns it and it has so much stuff on it!! Gel seat, pullback risers on the handlebars, hard saddlebags, Led lights, luggage rack, crash bars and it’s been lowered. The problem is, it has 47k miles on it. My bike that I only bought 2 months ago, only has 7.5k miles on it. 1.5 that I’ve put on myself.

Now I have to figure out how to get the money I need to deck my bike out like that. This temp job I’m working is almost over with and I don’t have any prospects for my next one. I really, really want crash bars for the bike if nothing else.

Mine has a new paint job already, so I doubt I’ll ever get to paint it purple. At least anytime soon.  But, I absolutely need crash bars soon. Since, I dropped the bike over the weekend, I really want the crash bars. They run around $250 if not more.

After crash bars, I’m wanting pullback risers on my handlebars. That’s so that they sit closer to me and lift them up a little higher. That will keep the stress off my lower back.

Then, I have to decide between gel seat ($450), led lights (turn signal, headlight, tail light) and led strip lights (to run around the bike for better visibility at night)…….the luggage rack and hard saddle bags can wait.

Oh….and a teddy bear, or UNICORN….why did I not think of a unicorn?

Time to get started. I think I can put on the crash bar myself and will have to ask for help with the pullback risers in case the wires and such need to be moved as well.

I’ll get this figured out.