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Here is a great description of Qadishtu…..on this website they are also trying to sell a pendant and this is the description they use….but it’s still a great one. I cut out the part of them describing the pendant. (though i may end up buying a pendant like this. It’s beautiful) 🙂

A long time ago before we worshipped the big ‘G’ God in his masculine composition most worshipped the Earth Mother. The Great Earth Mother Goddess was holy and sacred, in alignment with the cycles and seasons of the Earth.  ‘She Was The Mother Of All Life’. 

Women’s bodies were fashioned from her to perform acts of creation.  This design is mirrored in all of nature from the animals to the crops, rivers, land and seasons. Women’s bodies were blessed and hallowed; the female form was honored and valued. The human female was the divine image of the feminine aspect of God; She was Creator, nurturer and giver of life, she was Holy and held in reverence.

Qadishtu was a consecrated class of Temple Priestesses/ aka Temple prostitutes/ who were highly trained, and worshipped the fertility Goddess Astarte. The Temple prostitute was an accomplished and skilled Priestess who excelled in the arts of sexuality, pleasure, and honoring the Mother Goddess in all her forms.  Sex was viewed as a natural and heavenly act, which brought forth new life, joy and mirrored the fertility of the Earth.  Men sought out the Sacred Priestesses of the temple because it was understood that this sexual act was an act of worshipping the Goddess.  The priestess became the vessel into which the Great Goddess Astarte entered and the resulting union produced amazing states of ecstasy allowing men of earth to move their awareness upwards to the heavenly host via the Temple Priestesses teachings.  For this honor to the Goddess,  men paid the temple very well.

Archaeologists who discovered statues like the Neolithic Venus of Willendorf, suggest that the Great Mother Goddess was worshipped as far back as 40,000 BCE.  In ancient times these holy women were held in the highest esteem. The temple priestess became the representation of the Goddess in physical form.